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Happy New Year, everybody!

2010-01-01 09:22:38 by ChuckDaKnife

I can barely believe it, but we're already on 2010.
To celebrate, I submitted two previously unreleased pictures to the art portal.

So, I submitted something.

2009-06-18 22:47:24 by ChuckDaKnife

The Art portal just launched, and I thought "Hey, I do have some shit in my computer I could submit! Why the hell not?"

I might submit more in the future. Maybe someday I'll even submit a flash.
In the meantime, go look at this and say something about it.

I have the answers.

2009-04-10 19:57:33 by ChuckDaKnife

I'm glad you're here.
Now you're here, ask me.
Ask me anything.
Just ASK ME.